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Biblical Costumes

Our complete collection of biblical costumes can be viewed using the links below, or the main menu in the left column.

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Christian Costumes is pleased to present you with our collection of biblical costumes. Our selections include biblical character costumes for the nativity, costumes for the crucifiction or passion play, and costumes suitable for use in parables and other church pageants and plays. Our costumes also make a great addition as teaching aides for your bible school or catechism classes.

Biblical costumes, we've found, can be problematic to re-create accurately without extensive research. For a historical picture of what sorts of costumes people would have worn during biblical times, we must turn to the few surviving depictions of Hebrews paying homage to a foreign conquereor or to the descriptions of biblical costumes which are found in the bible. Naturally, the former are not the best source through which to view the national dress of a people and the latter, while vivid, are ambigious at best.

Christian Costumes has worked with top manufacturers in the nation to create accurate, historical biblical costume designs suitable for repeated use.

Crucifiction Jesus Judas Disciple Basic Shepherd

Men's Biblical Costumes

Originally, most biblical cultures consisted of a desert people and the costumes of the period reflected those traits which are necessary for survival in the desert: namely, costumes which are large garments which envelop the body and a drapery in which to wrap the head and neck to protect it from the rays of the sun and from irritation by blowing sands.

Even in the New Testament period, the shepherds and peasants of the bible continued to wear the costumes typified by their biblical ancestors, including the head-cloth bound with a twisted cord. In earlier biblical periods the sole garment might be a loincloth which is impractical for use in most situations requiring biblical costumes. In later periods, the daily costumes of biblical peoples were comprised of a short-sleeved or long-sleeved gown, often paired with a close-sleeved, long-skirted tunic called a caftan.

Biblical era priests wore much more elaborate costumes. In addition to a fine linen, ankle-length tunic which clung close to the body and featured wrist-length sleeves, an elaborate girding of a fine woven linen belt emroidered in blue, purple, and scarlet. High Priest's costumes added a violet or blue overtunic and the apron and the "breastplate" which was studded with twelve gems, each standing for one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Mary, Mother of Jesus Mary Magdalene Biblical Peasant Lady

Women's Biblical Costumes

When re-creating biblical costumes, it is important to remember that respectable women always covered their heads, wrapping the head in white gauze or perhaps a large, heavy scarf with embroidered trim. Women's costumes were most likely a simple tunic, rather loose in fit and belted above the hips. As time progressed, the costumes of biblical women became more elaborate and featured embroidered hems and edges. A woman might also wear a large cloak called an aba. Overall, the costumes of biblical women typically trended toward large, voluminous garments. When visiting the temple, biblical women covered their heads and faces with a transparent veil.

Biblical Townschild Biblical Peasant Girl Child's Basic Shepherd Child's Shepherd

Children's Biblical Costumes

Throughout most biblical periods the costumes of children would have them dressed as miniature adults. A Hebrew boy's costume, for instance, would consist of a simple garment such as a tunic which could be belted or unbelted. A biblical girl's costume might consist of a simple tunic and a shawl or veil to cover her loose hair.









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